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Strategic Beta: Adapt and Thrive

The demand for unbundled services and fees, engendered by structural shifts in demographics and technology, are forcing many asset managers to rethink their business models. To remain relevant, asset managers must be aware of these shifts and consider ways to adapt their offerings.

—February 2018

shutterstock_97754768 (2)risk

Why it pays to talk about risk

When investors have the right solutions, and know it, they stay put—and that’s good for business.

—January 2016

Do Your Performance Updates Differentiate?

I recently had the privilege of speaking to forward-thinking asset managers at the BlackRock iShares Connect Conference in New York and IIR's Liquid Alternative Strategies West Conference in San Francisco. Their top question? "How do I differentiate my firm and offering to financial advisors?"

—April 2015

The CalPRS Debate: What we can learn

We've heard a lot of debate among allocators, advisors and managers about CalPRS' decision to divest hedge funds. Everyone has an opinion as to whether it was a good or bad move, but what can we learn from it?

—November 2014

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