Your message should be right here. Right now.

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Mobile is the new norm for delivering investment information. Whether your investors are on an airplane or at the beach, in the United States or abroad, they want performance and portfolio data in the palm of their hand. You can deliver, and we will show you how.

The next generation of mobile is already here.

A decade ago, mobile communication was a hot new trend. Now, everyone you know has a mobile device. The next generation of mobile isn’t about devices anymore—because they all work well and keep getting cheaper. It’s about plugging into investors’ changing habits.

Already, some of your investors and prospects receive the majority of their daily information from mobile. The next time they reach for a smartphone or tablet to check the markets, you can be right there, in the flow.

What investors want to see on the small screen.

Ulicny polled institutions and advisors to find out what want to see on their mobile devices. Their top requests are:

1) Content that is actually legible on small screens; 2) monthly net risk and return stats versus benchmarks, with links to detailed attribution; 3) brief (100 words max) commentary on the portfolio; and 4) links to additional content that shares your view on investing. Finally, they want to view your full website on mobile.

Ulicny has the right combination of design and technology to help you meet these specs cost-effectively. For example, we can help you enhance your monthly performance updates with manager commentary and attribution, all accessible on a mobile device. Our turnkey website development includes mobile formats, compact copywriting, navigation/design, WordPress blog capability, and usage metrics.

The mandate of mobile’s next generation is simple:

Make an impact anywhere.

—February 2013