Getting used to your new routine? Having a comfortable, defined workspace is key.

To help you stay productive at home, we asked Ulicny’s veteran remote workers for a few useful tips.

If you’re finding it challenging to stay focused as you adjust to your new workplace reality, setting up a fixed and comfortable place to work may be a good start.

1. Go for the upgrade. Buy a monitor to avoid squinting into a laptop screen. You might also spring for an ergonomic keyboard and mouse and some comfy hand rests. The last thing you need to grapple with right now is chronic arm or shoulder pain.

2. Make your voice heard. Using a quality headset for phone calls helps you come across loud and clear. It also allows you to stay hands-free so you can take notes, make lunch for the kids, or otherwise multi-task. We recommend the Plantronics CS510.

3. Indulge your need for speed. With the entire North American continent now clogging the network with Zoom calls and remote learning apps (not to mention streaming Disney+) now might be a good time to pay a little extra for faster internet speed.

4. Bonus pro tip: Inflatable neck pillows are not just for airplanes. Try using one during those extra-long conference calls to stay comfortable and avoid shoulder and neck strain. But remember: don’t get so comfortable that you fall asleep!

We want to hear what’s working for you as you adjust to your new daily work routine. Share your thoughts with us on LinkedIn.

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