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Combining short “snackable” video with web and social media packs a competitive punch

“Snackable” videos engage and interact.

Most good asset managers can explain their value proposition in three minutes or less. The right message, well crafted and professionally delivered, conveys 90% or more of the information investors need to make a critical marketing decision: whether to tune you out or in.

If they tune you in, your marketing process and people can take over and grow AUM.

If they tune you out, you can head for the back of the line … and wait for another chance.

The problem is that it’s not just what you say or how well you deliver that make the difference. A key variable is how attentive your audience is, and how well you engage and interact.

How video, web and social media work together.

Creating a short “snackable” video to tell your story can be an effective way to engage target investors. This media helps to get your message out quickly and reinforce the impact of your message. Why use video?

  • Today, people want to watch more than read
  • Within 3 years all websites will be video driven
  • Video builds trust early on; engaging target investors
  • Video can be less expensive than expensive printed materials
  • Video gets a message out quickly; propels the messages further

Use of video on asset management website has increased over the past several years, but placing a video on your website may not be enough to reach your target investors.  It’s important to go out into the “ecosphere” with your message and social media permits you to do just that.

If social media is UPS, video is the package.

Today, we see little to no use of video in social media by asset management firms.  Adding a social media component helps the message go mobile, travel farther and build marketing momentum. Implementing snackable videos with social media can be simpler and more economical than you may think. The combination will help you stand out from competitors, because very few asset managers yet realize the power.

Ulicny offers network-quality video production services, complete from concept through scripting, graphics and post-production. Our social media partner, a former financial advisor, offers a turnkey blogging program and in-depth knowledge of social media trends among advisors and investors.

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—May 2014