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Ad hoc marketing is inefficient – a waste of valuable time and resources.

“Ad hoc marketing” means you make it up as you go. Each week or month brings a new opportunity, project and focus. It may work for marketing some products – but not for building long-term, rewarding relationships with financial advisors, institutions or investors.

To reach your target audience cost-effectively and make every touch count, we think consistency is the key.

To that end, we help clients create a “Right-Size Playbook,” an integrated marketing communications plan that delivers the right message, to the right investor, at the right time and with minimal waste.

A Simple Right-size Solution

Ulicny’s “Right-size Playbook” is a time-tested, streamlined, market-ready way to respond to today’s challenges in three steps:

  1. Differentiate your competitive strengths and capture them in your messaging.
  2. “Right size” an integrated marketing plan and budget for your firm, to reach the investors who are the best candidates for you.
  3. Develop a turnkey, search engine optimized website as the hub of a continuously reinforcing marketing strategy, while anticipating future advertising/marketing opportunities such as blogs and social media.

Your marketing communications plan also includes follow-up analysis and fine-tuning. We will establish baseline metrics to evaluate the success of every marketing initiative. In other words, you will know exactly where your communication program is going – and where it stands at any given time.

Your playbook can be customized to include:

  • Website optimization and content targeting
  • Online display advertising
  • Public and investor relations
  • Social media outreach
  • Lead generation programs
  • Email marketing
  • Live events
  • Media training
  • Periodic performance updates and manager commentaries


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