Need help with your digital
lead gen strategy?

Here are 4 steps to success.

Our 4D method helps you connect with more of the people you need for your business, testing and refining your campaign messaging along the way.

Once upon a time, marketers were reliant on direct mail campaigns to drive sales and test their messaging. But that process could be time-consuming and inconclusive.

Today, marketers have an array of new tools to quickly (and often inexpensively) get actionable feedback on the messages that resonate most with their target audiences, driving better sales outcomes, and helping them refine their marketing approach as they go.

Knowing where to start with these tools, however, can feel overwhelming. Here’s a four-step process for using LinkedIn to drive prospects into your digital sales funnel, while testing your ad copy and messaging strategy.

Step 1. Focus on your target.

Start by defining exactly who you want to reach. Be specific, but keep in mind, you want to cast a sufficiently wide net so your target list is large enough to get a statistically meaningful result when you divide the list for message testing.

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