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The foundation of a successful social media strategy? 

Partnership with compliance. 

Our four-step guide and checklist will help you strengthen the key partnership you need to succeed.


Asset managers told us one of their biggest challenges with social media is getting on the same page with compliance. Using our 4D method, Ulicny developed a meeting guide and checklist to help marketing teams partner with compliance stakeholders, to effectively engage investors and grow their business using social media.

Each of the 4D elements below has a key question marketers should be asking internal partners right now. Click the panels below to see the questions, then scroll down to access our checklist and guide.


“Who are we targeting with our social media plan, and how do we reach them more effectively based on their current engagement with our firm’s content?”


“How do we balance the need to stay within compliance and regulatory guidelines while also projecting what's special and different about our firm?”


“How do we work with compliance to understand—and possibly even influence—our firm’s policies and build a strategy that’s flexible and responsive to investors’ needs?”


“Are we using what we know about investors, including information we get through email, online, and on social platforms, to serve them better?”

Put the 4D method into action

Download our full marketing guide and checklist to help you get the compliance buy-in you need to build successful social media campaigns.