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Better Prospecting Begins with Treating the Customer Like a Business

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Jeanie Ulicny

Serving the financial advice community for 30 years, data analytics pioneer Nick Stuller explains how asset managers can provide the best practices support to the financial advisors who need it most.


  1. “Get hyper-specific with me”:

    Advisors need clearly directed sales tutorials on how to relate to customers on a business-to-business level. “Tell them the specific actions they need to grow,” says Nick Stuller. “Specific communications helps too,” he adds. “Providing the granular content to advisors that their clients really want is a proven route to better relationships.”

  2. “Dial back the market research”:

    Advisors have little time to wade through mounds of research to amp up their ability as marketers. Nick suggests this rule of thumb for asset managers: For every market research concept shared, “suggest four hyper-specific actions the advisor can take to build their business in the short term.”

  3. “Help me get over myself”:

    Many of the advisors Nick speaks with mistake bashing the competition for customer service. “They require a lot of help in overcoming being sanctimonious,” says Nick. “Too many act like their philosophy is the only one in the world.” Asset managers can help them view themselves in fresh ways and with total self-honesty. “The key is learning to treat each client like a business partner who needs the advisor’s recommendations to achieve specific goals.”

"Advisors have no time to be marketers. They are four times more likely to respond favorably to asset managers who provide them with specific guidance."

— Nick Stuller, Founder of MyPerfectFinancialAdvisor.com (MPFA)

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