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Ben Eyler

Why shutting out loved ones–even the four-legged ones–can be the key to productivity.

By Ben Eyler

By now, the reality has set in for most of us. We’re working from home for the indefinite future. And being sequestered in our houses often means sharing workspace with loved ones.

This presents a valuable opportunity for quality time. It also creates a new need to define important boundaries for ourselves and others, including our furry companions.

I, for one, experienced a moment of panic last week when, in the middle of a videoconference with a new client, my adorable orange kitten, Dewey, crashed his way into my guestroom-slash-office and attempted to make an on-camera cameo.

Fortunately, I was able to shoo him away (repeatedly—he’s cute but persistent) without the client noticing. And lesson learned: I now use two 24-packs of Charmin Ultra Soft to barricade the door when meeting via Zoom.

This was a sweet reminder that boundaries matter—both the physical and the mental kind. Things are happening fast right now. In addition to claiming an actual space to stay productive, we need to allow ourselves the mental space to adjust to our new reality.

For our team at Ulicny, remote work is the norm. But for those who are still finding their way in this new phase, I’d like to offer this simple advice: Close the door when you need to. Take the time you need. And try to be patient with yourself and everyone around you.

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