Communicating effectively in stressful times: 3 ways to reach investors right now.

How we communicate with each other can often be more important than what we say.

At Ulicny, everything we do is driven by one simple question: who is our audience? To effectively communicate with people who are experiencing stress, it’s helpful to start by thinking about what the other person needs right now.

Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes can go a long way toward getting them to hear your message. (This point may be easily overlooked, especially when you yourself are also under stress.)

Here are three more time-tested principles for talking with investors—or anyone—when times are stressful and our natural capacity for listening and making decisions may become constrained.

1. Be clear and concise. Clarity and brevity are always key, and especially in times like these. Research tells us the optimum message in high stress situations is 27 words, with three key points, delivered in 9 seconds1. So, keep it short and simple when connecting with investors.

2. Start and end with the benefit. What’s in it for the other person? Investors want insights they can use right now and apply to their own specific situations. And remember: people will likely only remember the first and last things you say to them, so make it count.

3. Think visual. Have a clear, useful graphic to show investors that helps illustrate your point? When we’re stressed, our visual sense starts working overtime to help us gather necessary information. Using a well-designed chart or graphic to help make your point can bolster investors’ understanding and recall.

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