New ways to communicate

We’re entering a new phase of business: Adapting to our new reality.

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Lisa Bosley

Spurred on by physical distancing, we’re learning new ways to stay connected.

By Lisa Bosley

Salespeople are suddenly conducting Zoom meetings from their spare bedrooms. Public relations execs are taking to social media and becoming crisis communications experts. Marketing teams are transforming dull PowerPoint presentations into rich, interactive experiences, optimized for mobile viewing.

This is the new face of business transformation. It’s been happening over the past two decades, spurred on by technology and other rapidly changing norms. But now, social distancing is forcing us to accelerate the rate of change.

How can you adapt, to ensure that you can continue having productive interactions with investors? Here are a few places to start.

Conduct a digital overhaul

Take a fresh look at your entire digital presence, including websites, blogs, social feeds, and email templates. Are the pieces working together? Are you acknowledging the current situation for investors in a way that shows you’re ready to support them?

Take the first steps:

  • Optimize your website—through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)—to make it easy for people to find you.
  • Make sure your website looks good when viewed on phones and tablet screens.
  • Check LinkedIn to see where your clients and colleagues are interacting. Join groups and conversations—or post articles of your own and share with your network.

Simplify communications

Investors have less time and attention to devote to grasping big ideas right now. How can you deliver valuable insights in a way they can take in and use right away?

Take the first steps:

  • Keep communications brief.
  • Refurbish investor presentations to streamline the messaging and make the content easy to digest when delivered virtually.
  • Use headlines and subheads to make your writing easy to scan.
  • Use relevant graphics to help illustrate key points.

Lead investors

Your support matters even more than usual during this period of uncertainty—whether that means walking them through your new website or showing them how to get the full benefit of your Zoom meetings. Keep in mind, this rapid acceleration is as unfamiliar to investors as it is to you, so factor in extra time to help them catch up.

Take the first steps:

  • Share regular briefings—by email, blog, Zoom, or all three—on topics you know are important to your investors right now (examples: navigating health care decisions or applying for small-business loans).
  • Host a webinar where you give a guided tour of your web and social content to help investors get the most out of the support you’re offering right now.
  • Offer regular perspectives to help investors understand fast-moving markets.

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