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Since 2004, Ulicny has worked closely with hedge funds and other alternatives providers. We have a track record of success in helping top hedge funds communicate directly with institutional investors.

In recent years, as liquid alternatives have grown exponentially, we have helped these same clients (and others) capture the new opportunities. We developed the industry’s first comprehensive wholesaler/advisor training for liquid alt mutual funds. Since then, we have provided strategic consulting to clients of all sizes, with diverse expansion goals and requirements.

The Liquid Alt Land Rush
Liquid alternatives are a huge current opportunity.

  • Citigroup’s Prime Finance Unit projects that retail demand for liquid-alt funds will increase assets under management from $259 billion in 2012 to $779 billion by 2017 (a CAGR of 25%).
  • The total global market for liquid-alt funds is expected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2017, and more than 70% of this will be retail, i.e., driven by individual advisors.

A huge “Liquid Alt Land Rush” has begun. Dozens of firms are forging ahead to grasp leadership and stake claims. Many successful hedge funds and managers are traversing new marketing terrain. Specifically, they must translate their strategies into communications that can: 1) capture the attention of leading financial advisors; and then 2) be communicated confidently by advisors to retail clients.

To gather assets in new markets, we advise our clients to:

  •  Have access to a full suite of marketing resources to support liquid-alt funds.
  • Realize that planning and timing are of the essence – and roll out marketing resources in the optimum sequence for understanding and acceptance by advisors and investors.

What You Need:

Ulicny increases confidence that you can offer the right amount of support for advisors, so they can explain to clients simply and professionally how your funds work and fit into portfolios.

  • Pitchbook turnkey development and design
  • Monthly performance updates and manager commentaries
  • Website design, including calculators and interactive tools
  • Trade and retail advertising and visibility-building
  • Alternative education programs for advisors and investors

Our Go-to-Market Plan helps you every step of the way.

Our Go-to-Market Plan defines and differentiates your offering vs. the competition, as seen through the eyes of gatekeepers, advisors and influencers who will generate investor awareness and acceptance of your fund(s).

In addition to creating positioning and key messages for your firm and fund(s), we will create an integrated communication plan to: 1) put momentum behind your launch; 2) sustain interest and AUM growth; and 3) avoid wasted time, motion and cost. The Go-to-Market Plan also can help you:

  • Define your strongest competitors and points of differentiation
  • Evaluate key vendors, such as administrators and distributors with RIC experience
  • Create strategy to access the most important advisor-driven platforms
  • Position your product on retirement plan platforms
  • Utilize your website and social media for maximum impact
  • Develop wholesaler support and training material

Our value proposition in liquid alternatives is simple.

  1. We have deep experience in marketing traditional alternative hedge funds.
  2. We understand the needs and dynamics of marketing through advisors to retail investors.
  3. We can guide you with our Go-to-market plan.

With Ulicny, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to move forward quickly and confidently in liquid alternatives.


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